Some thank yous before moving forward :)


Laser lovers, dearest:

It has been a while since we blogged. There is a series of posts that belongs to 2014, but since we have been busy with either vacations or exams then it is never too late to start posting now. We are getting ready with next steps for 2015, and wanted to wrap up the events we didn’t blog about in late 2014 and also take a time to make some thank yous. Because gratitude is key!

So, lets start with thank yous, this list will be long, so please bear it with us:

A huge thanks goes to the creator or Microslicer, for his detailed and clear documentation of his own experience, without which Risha probably wouldn’t have started, at all. Thanks to, literally, every single person who has documented an open source hardware tutorial related to laser drivers or G-codes. Thanks to GRBL creators and those who forked it. Thanks to IceAlex for being open to the idea since the early beginning and for hosting the project. Thanks to Islam Youssif, for his help with donating materials and lending 2 (TWO!) 3D printers to help make Risha. Thanks to everyone who joined a crazy workshop about building a laser cutter together(!) and thanks to the early team for their work on the previous iterations: Ahmed Ramzy, AbdelRahman Gamal,Abdelrahman Nazih, Ahmed Essam, Mohamed Adel, Mohamed Bassiouny, Muhammad Nasr, Mohamed Said. Thanks to Ragy Samy, for his awesome hints on motors and drivers and shopping places and all. Thanks to Dr. Hisham Osman, for his valuable hints with the current regulation issues. Thanks to Aya Mahfouz for her help with coordinating GUC workshops. Thanks to Juan Luis Felipe for suggesting further solutions for laser drivers. Thanks to Evan Jones, for helping with the early basic controller. Thanks to Ahmed Darwish and Abo Zayed for their work the new board routing. Thanks to Dina Elzanfaly, Noha Hisham, Mahmoud and Micheal for coordinating and helping bring laser diodes from the US without shipment expenses! Thanks to lots of random and unknown sellers who helped with discounted prices in downtown Alexandria. Thanks to Ahmed Bastawy, Stefania Druga and Geraldine de Bastion for bringing Risha to Republica in Berlin. Thanks to Tomas Diaz for helping us get last minute workshop slot at Fab10 in Barcelona. Thanks to Costantino Bonjiorno for his help during Makerfaire Rome. Thanks to Ivan Borrego for helping organize a workshop with the awesome community of Badalona. Thanks to Roma Makers for help with printing lots of parts for free, thanks to Fablab Egypt for helping with making a laser etched board. Thanks to Fablab Sigen and Oliver Stickel, for replicating and hacking Risha with Siegen hackerspace (thanks to their new board routing!),

Thanks to our supporters, the first replicator Mirco Piccin, for his continuous follow up, retweets and enthusiasm. Thanks to Costantino Bonjiorno and Zoe Romano, for a fabulous workshop at WeMake and a very kind hosting and support. Thanks to Fiore Basile and fablab Cascine for a wonderful workshop, awesome hosting and software contribution, Thanks to Alessandro Renalluci, Costantino Bongiorno and Bertier Luyt, and for giving us Maker of merit awards. Thanks to Arthur Wolf for donating a freebie smoothie board. Thanks to Sander Van Geleen for printing a whole free set on Ultimaker. Thanks to Teja Philipp, for a free Mr.Beam board.

Thanks to everyone who joined our workshops so far. Thanks to everyone who invited us to workshops which we haven’t yet done. Thanks to everyone who blogged about us, or shared our story in their website or magazine. Thanks to everyone who has followed, retweeted, or liked us.

Thanks to everyone who trusted the project and decided to replicate it and share their experience. Some of the early replicators that we know since July are: Mirco Piccin, Angelo Sonnino, Oliver Stickel, Jon Nordby, Luis Fraguada, Ivan Borrego, Giambattista Pieretti, Oliver Stickel, Nelson Almeida, Christian Cantarelli, Adel Kheniche, Fiore Basile, ..there are more, and some prefer to remain silent and hidden 😉 and some we, unfortunately, we don’t know their names.

Risha is an on-going project, where without the continuous contributions of some people, you wouldn’t have seen the project. Thanks to Ahmed Anwar, for his continuous tireless help with board fabrication. Thanks to Omar Enayet for his priceless and continous work with software development.

Also, as you know, the current iteration comes to you with lots of passion, energy and dedication of the tireless Sameh Ahmed, Sherif Rashwan, as well as Moushira.

If you are our next replicator, thanks in advance and please, keep in mind that you are building upon layers and layers of love, dedication, passion, sleepless nights, and ongoing mania of making technology easy, cheap and open.

Please..please, make sure you keep our ethics alive 😉

Thanks to everyone. Lets keep building and sharing things. May our lasers never go out of focus.


p.s: The image above is taken from the first workshop made to gather a team for Risha, where everyone was mentioning what they can participate with and what do they want to learn. Sherif seems to be the only one still holding on from this list :)

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