Building Risha together @ Re:publica in Berlin


Last March we received a nice invitation to join Re:publica’s Global Innovation Gathering maker space, by giving a workshop to assemble Risha with attendants, test and reflect on the process.   Risha was nominated by Stefania Druga (Thanks!) of Afrimakers, Risha itself isn’t part of the Afrimakers network, however, if we are makers from Africa, so we definitely fit in the criteria :). The workshop was planned on two separate days, day one would involve most of the assembly, and day two would focus more on testing.   Moushira and Sherif, were supposed to conduct this workshop, however Sherif couldn’t make it due to logistical problems, so Moushira had a little bit of extra home work in order to assemble one machine for display, assemble the other with attendants and carry out demos. Ouch!    Sherif had some laser cut parts which didn’t make it to Berlin, so Sameh quickly provided stl backup files for all parts.  Thanks to our great luck, 4 3D printers were already available in the maker space, as part of another workshop , Thanks to Dildo Generatorwho helped us print many pieces, for free! 3dpart Moushira spent the first day assembling one prototype and wiring it, in order to make it ready as a reference and for demo. The second day the workshop had 35 attendants (WOW!), where the maker space was fully packed, and where 70 hands where definitely a challenge. Attendees included artists, crafter, investors, researches, designer,and one mechanical engineer. The session started with a brief introduction on how the project started, progress and future plans. The workshop duration was 90 minutes, after the first hour the number started to decrease and those who continued where those who got really engaged in the assembly process, and excited to see how the machine would look like. buildingtogetherV Attendees were given a manual with clear instructions on how to assembly each part, with details, together. Thanks to Sameh, for the incredible level of detailing. Sameh also provided videos on how to put the parts together, which made life much easier.

photocredit Aram Partholl

photocredit Aram Partholl be continued

Posted on 4 June, 2014 in Blog

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