Other team members and earlier collaborators

Omar Enayet, who will be working on Risha’s mobile app, and who is currently continuing the work Sherif started on Risha basic application

Anwer Zaki, who works on PCB fabrication and production

In addition to:

Evan Jones, Creator of Risha’s basic controller

Special thanks to:
Dr. Hisham Othman and Ragy Samy for their fabulous help with circuit notes.

On the first meeting, there were 14 attendants, where almost 10 decided to participate actively in the project. Muhammed Nasr (mechanical engineer), decided to create a new design for the laser cutter, different from the reference found on instructables. Ahmed Ramzy (mechanical engineer), and Mohamed Adel (mechanical engineer), took the design forward, and made major changes to mechanism, and component choices, and implementation. This was carried out by the help of Abdelrahman Gamal (industrial designer), and Mohamed Bassiouny (mechanical engineer).


Electronics design in early stage was carried out by Sherif Rashwan, who was taking care of motors control, and Mohamed Said, who was focusing on laser driver, and who created our first laser driver circuit.


At a later stage, the second prototype, was mostly carried out by Ahmed Essam (mechanical engineer), in collaboration with all the rest of team that finished the earlier prototype.


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